How to win (sort of) at Facebook’s FarmTown

[Update: make sure to read my follow on article as well: How I Cheated at FarmTown Today]

Any game, is of course, accompanied by a number of different ways you can attack the problem of “how do I get a high score as quickly as possible”.

Facebook’s FarmTown game is highly addictive to many people and some of my friends have spent endless hours carefully laying out rice fields for harvest two days later.

Status in FarmTown

There are really only two things worth achieving in FarmTown: Money and Levels/Experience Points. Money is earned by planting and harvesting crops (or better yet, having someone else harvest your crops for you). And, if you harvest someone else’s crops then you get some extra cash too (it’s a good deal for both sides). The fastest way to get cash is to go hang out in the market place and beg people for jobs harvesting their fields.

But experience points you only get by either plowing, planting crops, visiting friends farms, or building infrastructure. Now, you can only visit your friends for experience points roughly twice a day. And there is only so much space on your farm so after you’ve filled you soil with crops and farming infrastructure (virtual barns, paths, scarecrows and hay bails) you have to sit back and wait until the crops are ready.

Or do you…

[Update: as people have pointed out in the comments and as I discuss in How I Cheated at FarmTown Today using hay bails for converting cash to experience points is more efficient]

Many people have figured out that planting grapes earns quick experience points because in 4 hours their ready again. Yes, they’re not worth much but they do turn around quickly. Thus if you’re shooting for straight XP then grapes seem like the right way to go.

But there is a better way:

  1. Plow your whole field per normal (20 coins per square and it’s worth 1 XP)
  2. Plant grapes in your whole field (also 20 coins per square and it’s worth 2 XP)
  3. Buldoze them over immediately (gasp!!!)
  4. Go back to step #1

(and for you slashdot readers add in “Profit!” somewhere)

See… If you’re willing to spend the cash (40 coins) and the time (something you’ll admittedly never get back) then you can earn 3 XP points per square. Quickly. Keep repeating till your out of cash. You’ve probably just levelled up quite a bit.

When you run out of cash, go to the market place and beg people for a job to get more cash. I bet following this formual you could go from level 1 to level 20 in a day without breaking a sweat on anything other than your index finger.

Begging for jobs

Having done a bit of job begging, here’s my advice: be smart, be witty, be silly. You’re much more likely to get a stranger to hire you than if you just keep chanting “hire me”. When I’ve simply made funny jokes about wanting to get hired I’ve gotten jobs much faster than the others around me that were closer to “annoying”.

After all is said and done

Go outside into the real world and mow the real lawn. You probably need it at this point.


  1. Farmtown Game | FTP2FTP News Said,

    June 13, 2009 @ 12:00 pm

    […] Facebook Farm Town Farmer – Online Games Tips, Tricks, and Update …Any game, is of course, accompanied by a number of different ways you can attack the problem of “how do I get a high score as quickly as possible”. Facebook’s FarmTown game is highly addictive to many people and some of my friends have …Read more […]

  2. Chad Said,

    June 13, 2009 @ 7:03 pm

    To gain exp points, if you buy hay bales, 50 coins, you also receive 5 exp points, you can then turn around and delete, or sell them for a few coins, and continue the process. 100,000 coins buying hay bales could gain you 10,000 exp points.

  3. Wes Said,

    June 13, 2009 @ 7:17 pm

    Ah, see I knew if I posted something like this then someone would try to find a cheaper way.
    You have beaten my cheapness. I wonder if there is anything out there cheaper.

    My way: 3 XP / 40 coins = 0.075 XP per coin

    Hay Bales: 5 XP / 50 coins = .1 XP per coin

  4. Grace (Demetra) R Said,

    June 20, 2009 @ 10:35 am

    Begging. BEGGING!!! Please don’t tell people to beg at the market. Larger farmers HATE beggers. I harvest 900 fields of onions every three days getting my points up right now. FT is a social game. When I go to the market, I am constantly dodging cropstitutes begging. you are right. They should be witty, patient and know that we are all in the market place hanging out for one purpose to hire and be hired. I stand back, teach others to not beg. And, in the end, I hire folks who know how to converse. Who arn’t jerks and who have something to say – not just “HIRE MEEEEEEEE.”

  5. Wes Said,

    June 21, 2009 @ 7:06 am

    You’re right, begging is probably the wrong word. Though that’s what people do, so that’s what I put in the title. However, the words beyond the title suggest you do something other than beg: use better words to achieve the objective.

    Now, if you want people to go to the market place just to chat and not go looking for jobs, I can’t help you there. That’s part of the game, unfortunately.

    I think the developers did an OK job trying to make it a social game but I think they also failed. It’d be better if you could hire friends to help you work, and then do something that was interactive with them. Right now there is little incentive to talk to each other. If there was a task that require another persons help to complete, but you had to participate too it’d be a much better social game.

  6. How I Cheated at FarmTown Today Said,

    June 21, 2009 @ 10:38 pm

    […] Why??? Well, after posting my previous blog entry about FarmTown cheating I noticed a huge number of Google and other search engine hits by people […]

  7. Amy Said,

    June 22, 2009 @ 12:28 pm

    The Hay Bales are an even better solution if you take into consideration that you can sell them for $2…

    5xp / 48 coins = .104 !! Woo hoo!! 🙂

  8. Kath Said,

    June 24, 2009 @ 12:12 pm

    Sussed out the hay bales very quickly, and if you dont mind losing 48 coins each time you sell, you can up the points.;)

  9. WillWorkForGold Said,

    June 27, 2009 @ 8:19 am

    I’m just starting out (Level 11) but this is good info. I find that I get hired fairly easily because of my unusual name (I’m assuming) and by saying hi and by saying positive things like “I whistle while I work”.

  10. Time_Is_Evil Said,

    June 29, 2009 @ 9:12 pm

    Hay Bails take way too long to go to shop and then your farm and repeat… I bet Wes was using this route, because I was as well. make an area however big you want, I went 5×5 which is 25 fields. Plowing costs 20 coins for 1xp and planting grapes costs 20 coins for 2xp.. Yeah thats 40 coins for 3xp but it sure is a whole lot faster than those hay bails.. I would rather make xp faster than make xp slower with the hay bails. Plowing and planting you just keep clicking. After you are done planting just delete those fields and Repeat.. I did this when I first started on Farm Town you know how fast you go up with 30,000 coins using my technique? lol I stopped doing it at level 16. Took me 3 days to get there..

  11. Wes Said,

    June 30, 2009 @ 6:26 am

    Actually, I did use hay bails a lot. Read my follow up:

    The trick is to have the computer do your bail placing and selling while you’re somewhere else.

    Since then, I actually have a program now that plows/plants a grid. I start it before running off for lunch, or something, and when I come back I’ve farmed!

  12. Vikki Said,

    July 2, 2009 @ 8:49 am

    Why is it that when I go to someone’s farm that has “ALOT” on it, or things moving (animals)…it freezes my computer up and then undoubtedly kicks me out and back to my own farm if not off the internet completely???? This is soooo frustrating! I’ve right clicked and changed my quality of graphics and that helped some, but not completely.

    Any suggestions?

  13. Tootsie Dippin Doo Said,

    July 6, 2009 @ 12:04 pm

    I keep getting timed out when I have lined up a big job then lose it almost immediately. What’s the deal?

  14. Carol Said,

    July 8, 2009 @ 7:05 pm

    I found if I go to the wrench and freeze my animals, take off the buildings, flowers, and trees then while I’m working it does better. Other people can see though. But, it helps me at my end on my CPU.

  15. Debbie Said,

    July 13, 2009 @ 12:43 pm

    How many levels are there on Farm Town?

  16. Farmer Ernie Said,

    July 21, 2009 @ 8:15 pm

    I highly enjoy farming my farm town. I am at level 33 and enjoy hiring people to help with the chores. I planted most of my farm with crops and love to hide them under trees. I have to hide the trees and reboot twice. Then I can plow and plant. when hiring people at the market I ask if anyone can tell me how to hide my trees. When they begin to explain I will hire them. If I hire someone who doesnt know, then I can teach and have found someone who will hire me. I do like adding neighbors. most of my farm is hidden and last person to harvest made real bank!

  17. Eileen Said,

    August 12, 2009 @ 10:20 pm

    Can someone explain to me what the hiding trees thing is all about. Why do I want to do it? I know how to do it, but when my trees are full of fruit and I hide them, then the whole thing is just hidden and I can’t harvest the trees. What’s the point of hiding them? What is it you can do that’s good by hiding them?

  18. Wes Said,

    August 13, 2009 @ 5:35 am


    The reason for hiding trees is to allow access to what’s behind them. In particular, if you have crops behind them that are ready for harvest or land to plow or whatever, the only way you can frequently click on those squares is after you hide the trees.

    Most people plant trees along the back edges to avoid this problem as it’s sort of a pain to keep hiding and unhiding things.

  19. Gma Jean Said,

    September 11, 2009 @ 10:17 am

    how do you hide the trees when you have been hired to harvest?

  20. Gail Said,

    September 13, 2009 @ 6:12 pm

    Same way. Click on the wrench in the upper right corner and click \hide trees\. Most people want you to do this because they have crops under them. Always ask before harvesting trees as some people like the colors and don’t want them harvested.

  21. stepehn Said,

    October 6, 2009 @ 6:54 am

    here are the cheapest ways i have compared.

    Planting and plowing grapes 3 XP / 40 coins= 0.075 XP per coin

    Hay Bales selling them too: 5 XP / 48 coins = .104 XP per coin

    Raspberries (if you can use them) 3 xp/35 coins = .1 xp per coin

    white roses (selling them too) 1xp/ 12 coins = .083 XP per coin i like the white roses best though because like Time_is_evil said hay bales are time consuming. Roses are not as you can keep planting them. Also they take so little space you can still have crops on the field.

  22. Rose Said,

    October 23, 2009 @ 2:14 pm

    Turning of trees, buildings and flowers also speeds up harvesting/plowing (graphics).

    Also, if you right click. Go to Quality. Check LOW.. helps speed up things

  23. Tims Getaway Said,

    November 8, 2009 @ 10:59 am

    I simply enjoy the game because I am wheelchair bound, there is very little stress and about 78% of my family & relatives all have a farm on farmtown. What is the sense of “FUN” if you have to cheat at something to enjoy it.

  24. Nana Said,

    November 9, 2009 @ 7:12 pm

    How do get the $ cash going, I am certainly not going to do it with paypal..I just want to buy a flag?..ha

  25. Nana Said,

    November 9, 2009 @ 7:14 pm

    Also meant to ask if anybody knows what goes beyond the 24 x 24 size farm

  26. ImaGrower Said,

    November 13, 2009 @ 6:24 pm

    If you have enough cash just buy water mills at 100 ka then delete them you get 10k experience points each time

  27. Josephine De Santo Said,

    January 1, 2010 @ 2:34 pm

    How come I’m gainning XP points, but it’s now moving the white bar below my XP points to show how close I am in points to the next level. I’ve been trying to get to someone who can find out what’s going on. This just recently started. Please help. Josie

  28. Thamara Gorre Said,

    January 7, 2010 @ 5:03 am

    so yeah, im still level 12. i want to gain more xp’s. to expand my farm. my coins’ : 115k. likeee, i wanna level up :p

  29. Janet Buckingham Said,

    May 20, 2010 @ 8:53 am

    Maybe I missed this somewhere, but when trying to level up quickly, hay bales vs. planting/harvesting/plowing ….and maybe I missed this somewhere, but why are people suggesting using Grapes? Grapes cost $20 and give 2 XP, but Raspberries only cost $15 and still give 2XP. Just curious…and the hay baling thing is quite tedious, but I’m trying to expand and anxious to level up! So I am doing a little of both!

    Thanks for all the great advice!! I LOVE smart people!!!


  30. terry Said,

    September 29, 2010 @ 1:16 pm

    Can someone tell me how many logs do I need to make paper. I’ve been chopping pine for a long time well over 150 logs so I fiigure I need a paper plant. Then it said I have enough logs just to make 2 paper????That seems like a dumb move on my part considering all the work it takes to haves so many pines.

  31. Lilian Said,

    January 24, 2011 @ 7:38 pm

    How do you underplant with trees crops etc.

  32. Lilian Said,

    January 24, 2011 @ 7:40 pm

    Please how do I underplant with tree crops etc.